KAYTEE Silent Spinner Wheel - Giant

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  • Encourages exercise to keep small animals healthy
  • Specially designed for quiet spinning
  • Ideal for chinchillas, pet rats, or other similar sized small animals
  • Easy installation to stand alone or attach to wire cage
  • Running surface is safe and comfortable on your pet's feet
  • Available in assorted colours (Please allow us to select for you.)

The KAYTEE Silent Spinner Wheel Giant is a 30.5 cm (12") diameter small animal workout wheel that is designed to make minimal noise when in use. This wheel is built with patented ball bearing technology which allows the Silent Spinner Wheel to turn quietly while your small animal exercises. This is the perfect exercise and activity tool for chinchillas and pet rats.

The unit can be installed easily in your pet's habitat: either let it stand free or attach it to the side of a wire cage. It will encourage your small animal to exercise and stay active and you won't be bothered by the noise of a squeaky wheel. The Silent Spinner Wheel has a high-quality plastic running surface that makes it safe and comfortable and your small pet's feet. The entire unit measures 35 cm x 30.5 cm x 18.4 cm (13.75" x 12" x 7.25").