KAYTEE Run-About Ball - Rainbow

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  • Encourages exercise while keeping your pet safe and secure
  • Can be used as temporary holding space during cage cleaning
  • A fun, interactive and healthy toy your pet
  • Available in two different sizes for a variety of small animals (See Sizing Chart under "Specifications" tab)
  • Available in a variety of colours (Please allow us to select for you.)

The KAYTEE Rainbow Run-About Ball is a specially designed ball that is perfect for allowing your small animal to exercise by rolling and self propelling.

Available in a variety of sizes, each ball makes exercising your small pet very easy. They run and move the ball wherever they want and you can watch through the transparent plastic. This multi-purpose ball is a great tool to encourage activity and can also be used to hold your pet safely while you clean its cage.

The Run-About Ball is practical, easy to use and a great activity to enrich playtime with your pet. See "Specifications" tab for sizing details. Available in an assortment of colours.

Sizing Chart

Run-About Ball Size Ball Diameter Recommended Small Animals
Mini 12.7 cm (5") Dwarf Hamster, Mouse
Regular 17.8 cm (7") Hamster, Gerbil



  • Open lock door on ball
  • Put pet inside
  • Lock door of ball completely
  • Place ball on the floor and watch your pet run