Iron Will Raw Ranchland 12 Pack

by Iron Will Raw Pet Food
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  • Raw variety pack suitable for cats and dogs - Original beef, chicken and pork meals
  • Uses single protein including the bone and organs
  • Each meal contains spinach, kale, parsley and kelp
  • Contains no fillers, preservatives or additives
  • A complete meal for both dogs and cats
  • Available in a 12 lb box containing four of each flavour - In-store only
  • Sourced and made in Canada
In Store Only Made in Canada
In Store Only Made in Canada

 Iron Will Raw Pet Food Originals uses the highest quality of protein sourced from Canada mixed with green vegetables. The Prarie 12 Pack contains four 1 lb packs of Original Beef, Original Chicken and Original Pork. Each flavour contains a single protein including the organs, grounded up bone and blended with kale, spinach, kelp and parsley without the need for fillers, preservatives or additives. 

These meals can be a complete meal for both dogs and cats. Please see the specifications tab for more information; Iron Will Raw Pet Food Prarie 12 Pack is available in a 12 lb box and is available only in-store. For our store locations, please click here

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Guaranteed Analysis


Original Beef
    Original Chicken     Original Pork    
For 100 g
    For 100 g     For 100 g    
Crude Protein (min.) 16.65%     Crude Protein (min.) 18.31%     Crude Protein (min.) 19.06%    
Crude Fat (min.) 17.01%     Crude Fat (min.) 9.75%     Crude Fat (min.) 12.30%    
Crude Fibre (max.) 2.54%     Crude Fibre (max.) 0.45%     Crude Fibre (max.) 0.08%    
Moisture (max.) 62.74%     Moisture (max.) 69.10%     Moisture (max.) 65.31%    
Ash 2.41%     Ash 3.06%     Ash 2.44%    
Taurine 18.26 mg/oz     Taurine 24.77 mg/oz*     Taurine 46.73 mg/oz*    
Calcium 0.44%     Calcium 0.85%     Calcium 0.55%    
Phosphorus 0.34%     Phosphorus 0.55%     Phosphorus 0.40%    
Ca:P 1.3:1     Ca:P 1.5:1     Ca:P 1.4:1    
Magnesium 0.03%     Magnesium 0.04%     Magnesium 0.03%    
Potassium 0.26%     Potassium 0.26%     Potassium 0.30%    
Sodium 0.12%     Sodium 0.12%     Sodium 0.08%    
Sulphur 0.21%     Sulphur 0.21%     Sulphur 0.20%    
Copper 6.34 mg/kg     Copper 5.33 mg/kg     Copper 6.69 mg/kg    
Iron 81.61 mg/kg     Iron 63.82 mg/kg     Iron 34.08 mg/kg    
Manganese 6.58 mg/kg     Manganese 1.59 mg/kg     Manganese 3.52 mg/kg    
Zinc 31.77 mg/kg     Zinc 22.05 mg/kg     Zinc 22.78 mg/kg    
Gross Energy 2492.64     Gross Energy 1932.70 kcal/kg     Gross Energy 2279.11 kcal/kg    
Metabolizable Energy 1956.34     Metabolizable Energy 1449.17 kcal/kg     Metabolizable Energy 2070.85 kcal/kg    

*For cats, it is 35-250 mg/day for their daily recommendation

Feeding Guidelines

The guideline is based on the percentage of your pet's current weight (lbs) per day.

Overweight 1.5%
Ideal Weight 2-3 %
Underweight 3%

Serving & Handling

Make sure raw products stay in the freezer until it is time to use. For defrosting, pull out the portion and place it in the refrigerator overnight; any unused portion can be stored in the refrigerator for up to three days. 

When handling raw products, always use clean bowls and utensils while portioning food and clean the used products after feeding with warm, soapy water. 



Original Beef: beef meat, beef heart, green beef tripe, ground beef bone, beef liver, beef kidney, beef spleen, kale, spinach, parsley, kelp

Original Chicken: chicken and bone, chicken meat, green beef tripe, beef liver, beef kidney, beef spleen, kale, spinach, parsley, kelp

Original Pork: pork meat, pork heart, ground pork bone, pork liver, pork kidney, pork spleen, spinach, kale, parsley, kelp