Hari Rustic Treasure Silk Cascade Bird Toy

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  • Helps condition birds' beaks
  • Encourages preening and picking behaviours
  • Helps prevent boredom, anxiety & feather plucking
  • Handmade with renewable, environmentally-friendly materials
  • Safe & non-toxic for birds
  • Attachment link is free of lead and zinc
  • Suitable for medium to large hookbills

The Hari Rustic Treasure Silk Cascade Bird Toy helps condition your bird's beak and encourages natural preening and picking instincts. By providing mental and physical stimulation, this toy also works to prevent boredom, anxiety, and feather plucking.

Each Hari Bird Toy is handmade with environmentally-friendly, renewable materials such as natural abaca, bamboo, and corn husk. The attachment link is plated with nickel rather than lead and zinc, which can be harmful for birds.

Available in two sizes - see Sizing Chart under Specifications tab for details. Suitable for medium to large hookbill birds.

Size of Hari Bird Toy Recommended Bird Size
Medium Medium Hookbills
Large Medium to Large Hookbills