Hari Rustic Treasure Foraging Rope House Bird Toy

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  • Caters to natural foraging instincts
  • Encourages mental stimulation
  • Helps prevent anxiety and boredom
  • Made with environmentally-friendly, renewable materials
  • Non-toxic - link is free of zinc and lead
  • Ideal for medium to large hookbills
  • Available in one size only

The Hari Rustic Treasure Foraging Rope House is ideal for medium to large hookbill birds. Handmade with environmentally-friendly, renewable materials (natural abaca, palm leaves, bamboo, coconut shell, and cuttlebone), this toy is non-toxic for all birds.

The unique style of this toy caters to natural foraging instincts and prevents anxiety and boredom through mental stimulation. The attachment link is free of lead and zinc. Available in one size only.