Hari Rustic Treasure Buri Wrap Bird Toy

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  • Encourage and cater to natural preening instincts
  • Reduce negative behaviours induced by boredom and anxiety
  • Non-toxic - link does not contain zinc or lead
  • Handmade with renewable, environmentally-friendly materials
  • Appropriate for small, medium, and large hookbills
  • Available in Small and Large

The unique Hari Rustic Treasure Buri Wrap Bird Toys are great for reducing negative behaviours in your birds by catering to their natural picking and preening instincts. Available in two different sizes, these toys are ideal for small hookbills (Small Buri Wrap) to medium and large hookbills (Large Buri Wrap).

Each wrap is handmade with materials that are both environmentally-friendly and renewable (natural abaca and palm leaves). They are non-toxic and the link attachment piece is free of lead and zinc.