Hari Rustic Treasure Bamboo Ring Bird Toy

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  • Helps prevent boredom, anxiety & feather plucking
  • Promotes exercise and beak grooming
  • Ideal for small hookbill birds
  • Handmade with environmentally friendly, renewable materials
  • Attachment link is free of lead and zinc
  • Non-toxic for birds

The Hari Rustic Treasure Bamboo Ring is ideal for small hookbill birds. This style of toy promotes exercise and beak grooming while also preventing negative behaviours, such as boredom, anxiety, and feather plucking. The attachment link is free of lead and zinc and the entire toy is handmade using environmentally friendly, renewable materials (Abaca, Bamboo, Coconut Shell and Corn Cob). It is non-toxic and will add variety to your bird's cage.