Hagen Pigeon & Dove Seed VME

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  • High quality seeds
  • High nutrition and best taste for Pigeon & Dove
  • Air cleaned and polished for better quality
  • Dust-free food source
  • Supplemented with minerals and vitamins
  • Re-sealable bag

Hagen® Pigeon & Dove Seed VME contains the best quality seeds blended for the perfect balance of nutritional needs for all Pigeon & Dove. 

The seeds are selected based on the highest nutritional value and taste that appeals to your Pigeon or Dove. The seeds are not only air cleaned; but also polished, making a dust-free and appetizing food source for Pigeon & Dove.

Hagen® Pigeon & Dove Seed is supplemented with vitamins and minerals, essential to guarantee the best nutrition value for your bird. For variety, or to keep your Pigeon or Dove's interest, you can feed Hagen® treats or fresh greens. If your Pigeon or Dove becomes selective about it's seed, you can supplement their diet with a balanced vitamin like Prime to help prevent nutrient deficiencies.

Hagen® Pigeon & Dove Seed VME Sizes:

  • 2.72 kg (6 lb.)
  • 11.34 kg (25 lb.)

Pigeon & Dove Feeding Directions:

  • Fresh seed should always be available to fill the demands of a caged bird's high metabolic rate.
  • Daily fill the seed cup with fresh Hagen® Pigeon & Dove Seed, being sure to remove any used bits and remains from the previous feeding.
  • The combination of fresh, daily seed and always having fresh water available will help keep your Pigeon or Dove healthy for its lifespan.
  • Once you've open your bag of seed, be sure to keep it refrigerated to maintain it's freshness.

Pigeon & Dove Feeding Guide:

  • Always have fresh food and water available to satisfy the demands of your Pigeon or Dove.
  • Clean and re-fill the food and water cups daily to keep your pet bird healthy.

Hagen® Pigeon & Dove Seed Ingredients:

White millet, red milo, red millet, whole wheat, canary grass seed, feed oats, cracked corn, oat groats, green split peas, safflower seed, calcium carbonate, orange oil, manganous oxide, zinc oxide, ferrous carbonate, copper sulphate, sodium selenite, calcium iodate.

Guaranteed Analysis:

Crude protein 11% (min), Crude fat 4% (min), Crude fibre 7.5% (max), Ash 3.5% (max), Moisture 12% (max), Manganese (as manganous oxide) 24 mg.kg, Zinc (as zinc oxide) 25 mg/kg, Iron (as ferrous carbonate) 40 mg/kg, Vitamin A 7,500 IU/lb (min), Vitamin D3 500 IU/lb (min), Vitamin E 15 IU/lb (min), Copper (as cupric) 15 mg/kg, Iodine (as calcium iodate) 0.6 mg.kg.

  • This product is Manufactured in a plant that packages products containing nuts.