Habitrail OVO Trail Tube

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  • Increases hamster habitat
  • Encourages climbing and activity
  • Easy to connect to Habitrail® Habitats
  • Easy to clean

Habitrail OVO Trail Tube adds 25 cm (10") to your hamster's Habitrail® environment.

Tubes and trails are perfect for encouraging climbing, exercise, and activity for hamsters. The OVO Trail Tube has air vents and a window to improve airflow and make sure your hamster's home stays fresh.

OVO has a variety of unique add-ons that are designed to increase your hamster’s quality of life. The OVO Trail Tube and other add-on designs are based on behavioural studies of hamsters in order to create as natural a habitat for your hamster as possible. You can always add more Habitrail® accessories to create a totally unique habitat for your hamster. These are all easy to assemble and connect.

  • Size: 25 cm (10")

Habitrail OVO Trail Tube Includes:

  • 1 25 cm (10") Transparent Green Tube
  • 1 Locking Connector
  • 1 Window