Habitrail OVO Chewable Cardboard Maze

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  • Provides fun and exercise for hamsters
  • Satisfies the hamster's natural chewing instinct
  • Provides spaces to discover
  • Pre-cut holes and beach scenery
  • Fits many Habitrail® Habitats

The Habitrail® OVO Chewable Cardboard Beach Scene Maze is an interactive activity for hamsters designed to fit many of the Habitrail® Habitats and Add-ons.

With pre-cut slots to hold and hide food or treats, the chewable maze provides your hamster with hours of foraging fun. Not only can they hunt and crawl through the maze in search of treats, they can chew away at the maze itself. The maze helps satisfy the hamster's natural instinct to chew, while keeping them active at the same time. 

OVO has a variety of unique add-ons that are designed to increase your hamster’s quality of life. The OVO Chewable Cardboard Maze and other add-on designs are based on behavioural studies of hamsters. Their purpose is to create as natural a habitat for your hamster as possible as well as increase its quality of life.

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