H2O to Go Gulpy Water Dispenser

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  • Portable water bottle for your dog
  • Great for walks, runs, camping trips, car rides, etc.
  • Simply squeeze water bottle to fill tray
  • Easy to flip open and closed
  • Fits most standard water bottles
  • Available in 10 oz. and 20 oz. bottles

The H2O to Go Gulpy Water Dispenser comes in very handy whenever you and your favourite pooch aren't around a water dish - walks, runs, camping trips, and car rides. Just fill the water bottle with water and clip it onto your belt or to your dog's leash and take it wherever you go.

When your dog is ready for a water break, simply flip open and squeeze the bottle to fill the tray with water and watch your dog easily lap it up. The water bottle has a lightweight, leak-proof design that can be folded into the water tray when it's not being used. The tray will also fit many standard water bottles. Just like you, your dog needs to drink water, so the Gulpy is a great accessory wherever you and your dog go. Available in 10 oz. and 20 oz. bottles.