go! Solutions Cat Food

Go! dry and canned cat foods provide premium quality recipes that work to keep your cat fit and healthy for life and to prevent future health issues. Each recipe contains a limited number of ingredients, including unique protein sources and fresh fruits and vegetables. They use only fresh meats and named meat meals to provide very concentrated servings of quality protein to benefit cats in any life stage, from kitten to senior.

Go! makes special formulas to combat common cat problems - Fit + Free for a protein-rich and lower carb diet, Sensitivity + Shine for allergies and food sensitivities, and Daily Defence for a boost in antioxidants to keep your cat healthy and strong.

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About GO! Solutions Cat Food

Solution-Based Diets

These nutritionist formulated recipes are solution based diets created especially for cats with unique dietary requirements. Picky pets, food allergies, life stages, GO! has an option for just about any need. Each line is designed to support common feline needs, while still providing complete and balanced nutrition.

What's Your GO! Solution?

Carnivore is designed to meet your pet's wild ancestral needs with a high meat inclusion and no grains or starches.
Skin + Coat is formulated with the essential amino and fatty acids required to maintain healthy skin and produce a shiny coat.
Sensitivity + Shine is suited for cats with allergies or sensitivities, providing complete nutrition with single-source proteins and limited grain and potato free diets.
Wet Food is designed to complement your cat's diet by hydrating cats, improving digestion, and preventing urinary tract issues.

Exceptional Ingredient Digestibility

GO! Solutions are complete, nutrient-packed foods with zero growth hormones, by-products or artificial preservatives. The recipes are highly palatable and digestible, resulting in less stool volume and a healthier, shinier coat.