Dog Furminator DeShedding Tool - Long Hair Toy

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  • For small breeds (up to 10 lbs) with long hair (longer than 2")
  • Short Stainless steel edge
  • Gently removes undercoat and loose hair
  • Recommended by veterinarians and professional groomers
  • FURejector button cleans and removes loose hair from the tool with ease
  • Short, ergonomic handle for added versatility and comfort
  • Reduces shedding up to 90%
  • Guaranteed to reduce shedding better than any brush, rake or comb
  • 1.25" DeShedding Edge

Furminator DeShedding Tools are revolutionary deshedding tools, guaranteed to reduce your dog's shedding by up to 90%. The design of the stainless steel edge allows the tool to push through the topcoat to easily and gently remove the undercoat and loose hair without cutting or damaging your dog's delicate skin..

As for the Toy Long Hair Furminator, this brush is ideal for toy breeds with fur longer than 2 inches.

Tips for Success

  • Make sure that your dog does not have matted or tangled hair.
  • For your first use, take your dog outside or on a hard surface that is easy to clean. Brush your dog thoroughly.
  • For maintenance, brush your dog weekly.
  • Dogs will shed more during fall and spring with they change their coats. When this happend, thoroughly brush your dog with the Furminator to significantly reduce shedding
  • Feeding your dog a high quality food will ensure that your dog is receiving essential nutrients, and fatty acids to maintain a healthy skin and coat.
  • If your dog has dry skin, consider natural or topical supplements for your dog's skin and coat.