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Fruitables dog are truly healthy and delicious. They include 100% natural, whole ingredients and superfoods to create unique flavour combinations that taste and smell so fresh. Their treats are made in crunchy, chewy, and jerky textures to suit any pet's taste!

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  1. Fruitables Bioactive Dental Chews - Tiny
    Fruitables Bioactive Dental Chews - Tiny
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  2. Fruitables Bioactive Dental Chew - Medium
    Fruitables Bioactive Dental Chew - Medium
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When it comes to dog treats, you don’t want to settle for anything but the best. Fortunately, that’s where Fruitables comes in! Dedicated to creating high-quality, delicious dog treats for your pooch, Fruitables sells whole-food-based treats that are tasty and nutritious.

No two dogs are the same, and Fruitables understands that. With that in mind, here are a few of their unique treat options:

If your pooch tends to gain weight quickly, check out Fruitables' CalorieSmart and Skinny Minis, both of which offer calorie control without sacrificing taste.

Baked treats have wholesome goodness packed into every bite. Made with superfoods like blueberries, apples, and Pumpkin Superblend, baked treats are only eight calories each, and come in options for both cats and dogs.

When your pooch craves a bit more protein, look for whole jerky bites, made with ingredients like bison and apple, or duck and sweet potato. They're delicious, chewy treat with no fillers, artificial ingredients, or preservatives.

BioActive nutrition. If you want to get active about supporting your dog’s health, look for biologically active treats from Fruitables, which support healthy teeth, gums, bones, and joints. These treats are grain and gluten-free for optimal nutrition. Fruitables also makes cat treats. The Wildly Natural line, for example, uses just 13 ingredients and offers only two calories per treat. Ready to find the perfect healthy dog treats for your four-legged friend? Shop our selection today!