Fresh Kitty The Grate Litter Mat Grey (16"x24")

by Fresh Kitty
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  • Grey litter mat
  • Eliminates mess on floors - dual layer pocket traps in excess litter
  • Extra litter can easily be poured back in the litter box
  • Easy to clean
  • Soft on cat's paws
  • Available in one size only - 40.6 cm x 61 cm (16"x24")

The Grate Litter Mat Grey (28"x24") is a great solution to your cat tracking litter out of the box. Excess litter left on your kitty's feet falls through the large holes on the top of the mat and is captured by the second layer. This leftover litter can then be poured back into your cat's litter box, to help make your litter last longer. The plastic, water repellant bottom makes cleaning a breeze!

This product is available only in one size: 40.6 cm x 61 cm (16"x24"). We do, however, have The Grate Litter Mat Black (28"x24"), which is a larger option.

This mat is designed for pets only and is not a toy. Please do not allow pets to chew on the mat and keep away from children. If any part of the product becomes loose or detached, please remove it from your pet. This product should also not be placed near heat or flame.