Fluval T5 Double Lamp Fixture

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  • Double linear flourescent lighting system
  • Superior desgin and optimal light levels
  • Highly polished reflector - Maximum light emission
  • Water resistant end caps - Superior performance
  • T5 High Output Ballast - For use with  2 x Fluval T5 HO Bulbs
  • Slim and sleek profile - Add to aquarium aesthetics 
  • 2 deep blue night LED's - For night viewing
  • Extendable mounting brackets - Easy installation
  • Ideal for freshwater or saltwater aquariums
  • Vertical Height mounting brackets available - Sold Separately 

Fluval T5 Double Lamp Fixture offers superior and efficient light performance, while its sleek design offers an aesthetic dimension for your aquarium. Its highly polished reflector maximizes light emission to get the most out of your bulbs and features 2 deep blue night LED's for night viewing. The extendable mounting brackets offers a simple and adaptable installation, while vertical height mounting brackets are also available (sold separately). Finally the T5 Hight Output Ballast includes water resistant end caps for superior performance and long lasting life and designed for use with Fluval T5 HO Bulbs.  

Size Adjustment 36" to 44" (91cm to 112cm) 48" to 55" (122cm to 141cm)
Bulb Size 2 x 34" (85cm) 2 x 46" (115cm)
Bulb Wattage 2 x 39W 2 x 54W
Warranty 2 Year Manufacturer Limited 2 Year Manufacturer Limited
Reorder Number A3961 A3962
Recommended Bulbs:  Fluval T5 High Output Aquarium Bulbs
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