Fluval "U" Foam Pads

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  • Designed to fit Fluval U Underwater Filters
  • Porous surface of the foam provides the ideal environment for beneficial bacteria to carry out natural biological filtration
  • Custom fit to prevent water bypass
  • Pore size allows efficient water flow with less clogging for long-lasting filtration
  • For freshwater, saltwater, or reptile environments

Fluval U Foam Pads captures large particles and debris for effective mechanical filtration. This is the first stage in the filtration process.

These foam pads are custom-made to fit perfectly inside the filter chamber of Fluval U Underwater Filters to prevent debris bypass. They have pore sizes that allows efficient water flow, less clogging and long-lasting filtration.

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Fluval U4 $3.59/Unit $3.19/Unit
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  • Rinse thoroughly before use.
  • You may rinse and reuse the filter foam a few times before you need to replace it. We recommend rinsing the foam in excess aquarium water (after a water change).
  • Replace filter approximately once every other month.


  • Fluval U1 Foam pads sold as individuals
  • Fluval U2, U3, and U4 Foam Pads sold in packs of 2