Fluval C-Nodes Biological Media

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  • Designed for Fluval C Filters
  • Complex pore system for beneficial bacteria to thrive
  • Star shapes provide a higher filtration surface and more biological power than most biological media 
  • For freshwater and saltwater use
  • May be used as biological filter media in other filters as well

Fluval C Filter Stage 5The Fluval C-Nodes are the fifth and final stage of the filtration process. C-Nodes are very porous ceramic beads that proved incredible amounts of surface area for beneficial bacteria to grow. Biological bacteria is the heart aquarium filtration, and helps control ammonia and nitrites, resulting in a thriving and healthy aquarium


Remove protective plastic bag and rinse media thoroughly before use. If pores begin to get clogged, lightly rinse with aquarium water. Replace 1/2 of the beads every 6 months. DO NOT replace all C-Nodes at once because it is important to maintain a healthy level of beneficial bacteria in your filter.

C-Node Sizes

  C2/C3 Nodes C4 Nodes
Grams per pack 100g 200g
Node size: 0.5" (12mm) 0.67" (17mm)