Fluval C4 Power Filter

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  • For 40 - 70 US Gal (150 - 265 L)
  • Flow Rate: 264 US GPH (1000 L/H)
  • 5 stages of filtration 
  • Trickle chamber - enahnces the effectiveness of the biological filtration
  • Patented refiltration system
  • Removeable filter basket for quick and easy maintenance
  • Quiet operation
  • For freshwater and saltwater aquariums
  • 2 year manufacturers warranty

The Fluval C4 Power Filter is engineered to provide your aquarium with superior filtration and water quality. Unlike other power filters, the Fluval C4 provides a 5 stage filtration system which maximizes the surface area and the time that the water is exposed to all filter compartments.

Fluval C Filter Diagram

5 Stage Filtration

  1. Mechanical - The porous foam catches large debris
  2. Mechanical - Dense poly foam filters out fine particles
  3. Chemical - Activated carbon absorbs undesirable odours, colours, and impurities
  4. Biological - Bio-screen blocks debris from entering the biological filtration stage. The micro weave provides large amounts of surface area for better biological filtration
  5. Biological - The biological trickle chamber allows the C-Nodes to have better exposure to oxygen. This allows the beneficial bacteria to quickly reduce toxins such as nitrite and ammonia
Recommended Aquarium Size: 40 - 70 US Gallons
Max Flow Rate: 264 GPH (1000 LPH)
Dimensions: 8.25" Wide x 5.75" Deep x 8.5" Tall
Width required between fish tank and wall: 3.25"
Manufacturer Number: 14003
UPC: 015561140034
Filter Includes: C4 Poly/Foam C4 Carbon C-nodes
Owner Manual View Fluval C4 Instruction Manual


Fluval C4 Replacement Parts

Fluval C Replacement Parts Diagram

Diagram Letter Part Number Part Name
a A20267 Filter Case
b A20270 Biological/Trickle Chamber
c A20273 Chemical Basket
d A20276 Filter Cover
e A20279 Mechanical Frame
f A20281 Intake U Tube
g A20283 Intake Tube
h A20285 Intake Extension
i A20287 Impeller Cover Assembly
j A20299 Impeller
k A20288 Seal Ring (3pk)
l A16000 Motor
m A20290 Levelling Device