Fluval 206 Canister Filter

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  • For aquariums up to 45 US Gallons (200L)
  • Quiet operation
  • Multi-stage filtration - separate filtration stages for more versatility and less maintenance
  • Superior mechanical filtration - large foam filter blocks catch more debris
  • Aquastop system - stops water flow for simple maintenance
  • Unique square-shaped canister - holds up to 50% more water than round canisters
  • Redesigned and stronger impeller cover
  • Ideal for freshwater and saltwater aquariums

About Fluval Canister Filters

Fluval '06 Canister Filters are engineered to reduce maintenance, enhance filtration, and provide a clean, healthy, and stress-free aquarium. From the advanced hydraulic motor to the patented AquaStop system, this canister filter is designed to reduce and simplify maintenance. The square-shape canister is designed to hold more water to maximize contact with its multi-stage filtration, which includes large capacity foam filters to absorb more debris, and Bio-Foam media for superior biological filtration.

All of this this creates a filter for better filtration and minimal maintenance frequency to make your freshwater or saltwater aquarium healthy, clean, and more enjoyable!

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Fluval Canister Filter FeaturesAdditional Features

  1. Instant Prime - makes start-ups quick and easy
  2. Lift Lock Clamps - secures motor in place
  3. Quick-Change - quickly and easily remove media to rinse or replace
For aquariums up to: 45 US Gallons (100 L) 
Dimensions: 13-1/2" Tall x 6-1/2" Deep x 7-1/2" Wide 
Flow rate: 206 US GPH (780 L/H) 
Filter circulation: 121 US GPH (460 L/H) 
Filter volume: 4.6 L 
Max head height: 4.75 ft 
Power: 120V / 60Hz / 10W 
UPC: 015561102070 
Reorder number: A207 
Warranty: 3 Year Manufacturer Warranty 
Filter Media Includes: 4 x Foam Pads

1 x BioMax Bio Rings

1 x Carbon 70g 1 x Polishing Pads 1 x Bio Foam


Fluval 206 Replacement Parts

Diagram Letter Reorder Number Part Name
a Rubber Feet A20121 
b Motor Head A20186 
c Foam Insert Frame A20122 
d Media Basket  A20046 
f Media Basket Cover A20042
g Gasket  A20038 
h Aquastop Valve A20061 
i Intake Strainer  A20007 
j Intake Stem with Strainer  A20010 
k Suction Cup (40mm) with Clip  A15520 
l Aquarium Rim Connector  A20026
m Suction Cup (30mm)  A15041
n Output Nozzle  A20001 
o Ribbed Hosing  A20014 
p Hose-Lock Nuts  A20059 
q Rubber Hose Connector  A20016 
r Primer Assembly with Primer Cover  A20021 
s Filter Canister  A20187 
t Ceramic Impeller Shaft & Rubber Bushing  A20039 
u Magnetic Impeller w/ Ceramic Shaft  A20112 
v  Impeller Cover A20134 
x Impeller Well Insert  A20174 
  Motor Head Maintenance Kit  A20091 

Fluval Canister Filter Parts

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