Fluval Zeo-Carb Filter Media

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  • Removes toxins, odours, and impurities in water
  • 2 in 1 media - contains Fluval Ammonia Remover and Fluval Carbon
  • More space in your filter system for other types of media 
  • For freshwater use only
  • Designed for use in external filters

Fluval Zeo-Carb is a premium blend of Fluval Carbon and Fluval Ammonia Remover. This media is ideal if you are limited on filter media space, if you have a heavily populated tank, or if you are setting up an aquarium. Do not use in heavily planted aquariums.

  3 x 150g 1200g 2100g
Hagen reorder number: A1490 A1492 A1493
Includes: 3 x 150g Zeo-Carb filter bags Refillable Nylon bag Refillable Nylon bag