Flipo Ear-Clear Pet Feeding Station

by Flipo
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  • Unique design helps contain spills & keeps ears clean
  • Feeding mat is designed to stay securely in one place
  • Prevents dogs from eating & drinking too quickly
  • Ideal for small & medium breed dogs with long ears
  • Includes one spill-resistant mat and two dishwasher-safe Ear-Clear bowls
The multi-purpose Flipo Ear-Clear Pet Feeding Station will help contain the mess as your dog eats as well as keep their long ears clear from the food and water. The unique design of the mat helps it to stay put rather than move across the floor as your dog eats while the raised edges on the food and water bowls also prevent ear-related infections that long-eared dogs may be prone to.
This feeding station is ideal for long-eared dog breeds such as beagles, setters, cocker spaniels, and hounds. Each grey Ear-Clear bowl holds up to 32 oz. and measures 23.5 x 8 cm (9.25" x 3.25") and the black feeding mat measures 61 x 35.5 x 27.5 cm (24" x 14" x 10.8"). The bowls are made of durable high-density polyethylene plastic (HDPE) and are dishwasher-safe. Package includes two Ear-Clear bowls and one spill-resistant feeding mat.