Exo Terra Digital Thermometer

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  • Accurate Easy read digital readout 
  • "One Button" programmable minimum temperature and maximum temperature settings, held in memory. 
  • Will calculate temperature in Fahrenheit & Celsius
  • Temperature Range: Celsius 0 - 70/ Fahrenheit 32 - 156
  • 3 Easy, versatile installation methods
  • Batteries included

Exo Terra Digital Thermometer is a durable thermometer equipped with a remote sensor for temperature accuracy.

One touch programming, with minimum and maximum memory settings and 3 ways to mount to your terrarium. For more precise monitoring of your terrarium temperature, two digital thermometer units are recommended.

Setting Up Your Exo Terra Digital Thermometer

A suction cup is used to hold the sensor in place, and the read-out instrument can be mounted in three ways:

  • with Velcro® (included)
  • with a screw
  • If using the Exo Terra Compact Top or Dual Top the instrument slides into a groove on the top cover