Exo Terra Sand Mat

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  • Natural sandy desert look
  • A Safe & Hygienic substrate substitute
  • Easy to custom cut, position, remove and clean
  • Perfect for a quarantine substrate
  • Provides a firm grip texture for reptiles to move on

The Exo Terra Sand Mat is a safe & hygienic reptile substrate, with a realistic desert appearance and feel.

Create a desert-like environment without the same bacterial build-up compared to using real sand or soil as a substrate. Your reptile will feel a sense of safety and comfort, by having a firm grip on the texture of the Sand Mat. At the same time, you can feel safe that your reptile won't accidentally ingest excess sand or soil from the sand mat.

This sturdy, hygienic mat can be removed with ease and can be custom cut to fit any size terrarium. Clean up is easy by rinsing the Sand Mat clean when soiled or replacing when necessary.

Exo Terra Sand Mat Sizes:

Mini 28.5 cm x 28.5 cm (11” x 11”)
Small 43 cm x 43 cm (17” x 17”)
Medium 58 cm x 43 cm (23” x 17”)