Exo Terra Turtle Heater, 50W

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  • Keeps terrarium water at a constant 25?C (78?F)
  • Preprogrammed submersible heater
  • Stainless steel cord protector 
  • Safe, rugged construction
  • Compact and easy to mount with bracket or suction cup
  • Heats up to 75 L (20 gal.)

The Exo Terra 50 Watt Turtle Heater keeps your aquatic water at an ideal temperature for turtles and most aquatic reptiles and amphibians (around 25°C or 78°F).

Includes a mounting bracket and two oversized suction cups to easily mount in your aquatic habitat.

Turtle Heater Guide

Tank Size Turtle Heater 
19-38 L (5-10 Gal) 25 Watt
38-75 L (10-20 Gal)  50 Watt
75-100 L (20-26 Gal)  75 Watt