Exo Terra Thermo-Hygro Digital Combo Meter

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  • Precision temperature and humidity indication
  • Temperature range measured in Celsius 0 - 70, or Fahrenheit 32 - 156
  • Single button operation
  • Remote sensor combines temperature and relative humidity
  • Minimum / Maximum memory setting
  • Slides in to the Exo Terra Compact Top

The Exo Terra Digital Thermo-Hygrometer combines a thermometer and hygrometer to measure terrarium temperature and humidity.

Equipped with a combined remote sensor for accurately reading temperature and humidity, and has a one touch programmable minimum/maximum memory setting.
Easy to use and very durable. The Exo Terra Digital Thermo-Hygrometer installation is easy with three different methods; Velcro (included), a screw, or if you have an Exo Terra Compact Top terrarium, you can simply slide it into the groove.

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