Exo Terra Backgrounds 45 x 60cm (18 x 24")

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  • Natural rock look
  • Can be used for tropical and desert terrariums
  • Deep ridges can hide wires or tubing
  • Black, non-toxic polystyrene material can mask damage
  • Easily cut to fit any size of terrarium
  • Insulates the terrarium
  • Creates an extra dimensional look

The 45 x 60 cm (18" x 24") Exo Terra Rock Terrarium Background is an easy-to-cut background, with a natural rock look.
Ideal for climbing reptiles, the background can create a multi-dimensional habitat or can be used to create and beautify a natural look in your terrarium.

The colour and texture of the Rock Terrarium Background has been designed to create a natural, harmonized environment, in humid or dry terrariums.
Wires and tubing from pumps, or Heat Wave Rocks can easily be hidden in the deep ridges of the background.

The background is formed from black polystyrene, so accidental damage will not be as obvious as with white polystyrene background.
Polystyrene is easy to cut and fit in to any size of terrarium and provides insulating properties.

Exo Terra Rock Terrarium Background Specs.

  • Black,
  • non-toxic polystyrene
  • 45 x 60 cm (18" x 24")
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