Exo Terra Reptile Mister

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  • Adds moisture to reptile habitats
  • Helps maintain optimal terrarium conditions
  • Compact, light and easy to operate
  • 2 litre (67.5 fl oz) reservoir
  • Adjustable spray nozzle
  • For continuous spraying, a locking trigger is provided

The Exo Terra Reptile Mister is an easy-to-use pressure sprayer that eliminates the hand fatigue from using trigger sprayers.

With an adjustable spray nozzle, the Exo Terra Reptile Mister will allow a single stream or a full range of mist spraying density options. The large volume reservoir holds 2 litres (67.5 fl oz) and is perfect to use with large, or multiple terrariums, outdoors, and in greenhouses. A Locking mechanism on the handle will allow for continuous spraying if needed.


  • Unscrew spray top. 
  • Fill reservoir with filtered or distilled water. If you choose to use tap water, add a few drops of Exo Terra Aquatize to help neutralize and detoxify water and make it safe for reptiles and amphibians (follow Exo Terra Aquatize instructions). 
  • Replace and tighten spray top, being sure not to over-tighten. 
  • Pump the handle on the the top to build up pressure in the reservoir. 
  • Perform a small spray test to find the ideal pump pressure. 
  • Be sure not to over pump.
  • To spray, push the first button on the handle, aiming away from your reptile. 
  • Press the second button on the handle for continuous spraying. 
  • To adjust the spray width, turn the nozzle on the spray head to find the optimum mist level needed. 
  • Always refill with fresh water daily when using and empty before storing.


  • Do not aim at or spray mist directly at your reptile.
  • Before your first use, be sure to run warm clean water through the pump and reservoir. 
  • This is a water mister and NOT a chemicals or poison sprayer.
  • Not to be left in extreme heat when pressurized.
  • Use distilled or soft water to avoid the buildup of calcium and mineral deposits.