Exo Terra Monsoon RS400

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  • Programmable precipitation unit for terrariums
  • Easy to install for any type of terrarium or greenhouse
  • Comes with 2 nozzles, but can use up to 6
  • Large 9.5 liter (2.5 gallon) reservoir
  • Easy to store and hide tank

Exo Terra Monsoon RS400 is a rainfall system you can customize to suit for all varieties of terrariums and greenhouses.

Maintain optimal humidity levels by programming precipitation intervals for whatever duration and frequency you need for your terrarium. Rainfall at specific interval can help stimulate breeding behaviour, and can be necessary when housing certain live tropical plants. 

This fully programmable system can rain multiple times in a 24-hour cycle, for specific times ranging from as little as one second to as much as two hours.
With a 9.5 litre (2.5 gallon) reservoir, you can be assured continuous precipitation for several days without having to refill. This is ideal for going on vacation, and the reservoir can easily be refilled without having to uninstall the entire system.

Exo Terra Monsoon RS400 comes with two nozzles, which are easy-to-install. The system can be expanded to use up to 6 nozzles, which is ideal for multi-terrarium set-ups.
The specially designed nozzles produces an extremely fine spray, creating a misty effect in your terrarium. Storage is easy with the long tubing, which makes it easy to hide the unit away or under the terrarium.

  • Size: 22 cm x 22 cm x 33cm / 8.5" x 8.5" x 9"

Exo Terra Monsoon RS400 Instructions:

  • Multi-directional, Flexible spray nozzles can be pointed anywhere in the terrarium.
  • Tubing is easy to install and fits through inlets featured on Exo Terra Terrariums.
  • Easy to connect and install.
  • Easy to fill sloping top reservoir.

Exo Terra Monsoon RS400 Instruction Manual