Exo Terra Worm Dish Mealworm Feeder

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  • No Mess
  • Saves valuable supplements
  • Specially curved edge ring prevents escape
  • Natural look
  • Easy to clean

The Exo Terra Worm Dish Meal Worm Feeder is specifically designed to allow reptiles to see their mealworm meal, but not allowing the mealworms to escape. A uniquely curved edge ring will prevent the mealworms from getting out of the dish.

Mealworms can also be coated in the dish with vitamin and mineral supplements, allowing any excess powder to be reused. With two parts, The Exo Terra Worm Dish is easy to clean.

If mealworms are simply placed in a terrarium they will escape and dig into the substrate, hide and possibly metamorphose into a beetle your reptile can't feed on. More likely, they will die and decompose, leaving behind harmful bacteria.

Mealworms need to be contained in the terrarium. Exo Terra Worm Dish stops mealworms from escaping, yet still allows them to be visible to the terrarium inhabitants to feed on.