Exo Terra Vivicator Vibrating Feeding Dish

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  • No need for live insects
  • Controlled by remote
  • Vibration simulates insect movement
  • Triggers feeding behaviour
  • Ideal for canned, or freeze dried insects
  • Battery operated

The Exo Terra Vivicator is a vibrating feeding dish and the perfect alternative to feeding live insects to your reptiles or amphibians.

The high frequency vibrations mimic the movement and motion of live insects on the feeding platform. Insectivorous reptiles and amphibians are triggered by motion, so will be attracted to the moving food (canned insects, freeze dried insects or pellets) on the platform.

The Vivicator has a remote control, and can be turned on without stress to the terrarium animals. Once activated, the Vivicator runs in 15 seconds cycles that can be repeated until all items are eaten.

The rubber feeding platform is easy to clean and can be removed from the 'stone' during cleaning.

Needs 3 AA bateries to operate the dish and 1 AAA to operate the remote.