Exo Terra Feeding Rock Cricket Feeder

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  • No mess
  • Saves and maximally uses valuable supplements
  • 'Coats' crickets with vitamins for gut-loading
  • Natural rock look
  • Easy cleaning

Exo Terra's Feeding Rock is an aid to feed insects to your reptiles and amphibians.

The feeding rock is easy to use and and reduces how much supplement is needed, because it will retains excess powder that can be used again. The feeder is designed to prevent vitamin residue from collecting on the substrate, which eliminates the danger of harbour harmful bacteria accumulating in the humidity of the terrarium.


  • Pour the ultra-fine powder supplement into the deeper part of the Feeding Rock.
  • Add 10-20 (maximum) crickets (depending on size).
  • Place the two rock pieces together and gently shake until all the insects are 'coated'.
  • Put the Feeding Rock in the terrarium and remove the plug.