Exo Terra Tortoise Cave

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  • Natural pebbled rock look
  • Easy to blend into most types of terrariums
  • Provides a large resting and hiding place
  • Creates a more humid and cool zone within the cave
  • Helps prevent tortoise stress
  • A wide stable design that's not easily tipped over

The Exo Terra Tortoise Cave is the perfect enlarged hiding space to add to your terrarium.

It's vital to provide a place where your tortoise can hide and rest in your tortoise terrarium. Without a proper place to sleep and hide your tortoise can easily develop stress that affects them on several levels; one being their activity level, the other, their appetite.

The large hiding volume and realistic rock look of the Exo Terra Tortoise Cave imitates the natural hiding shelter a tortoise would seek out in nature. This shelter space also provides a cooler and more humid climate for the tortoise to enjoy when needed.

Exo Terra Tortoise Cave Size:

40 cm x 30.5 cm x 21 cm (15¾" x 12"x 8¼")