Eldon's Free Range Odourless Rawhide Rolls - Single

by Eldon's
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  • Great natural chew for medium to giant dogs and moderate chewers
  • Made from free-range, grass-fed cattle
  • Enzymes in rawhide promote healthy teeth and gums
  • Comes pre-expanded - safer than traditional, pressed rawhide
  • No hormones, antibiotics, preservatives, or smoke
  • Product of Brazil
  • Average Weight: 90 - 100g each
  • Odour: Minimal
  • Bulk pricing available. See information below our pricing.

Eldon's Free Range Odourless Rawhide Rolls are the perfect natural chew for any medium to giant breed of dog. The rawhide used for these rolls is sourced and made in Brazil from free-range, grass-fed beef. It's processed naturally and comes pre-expanded, so it's safe for your dog and won't expand in his stomach. These chips also have a great flavour that dogs love and the natural enzymes the rawhide contains will help to promote healthy teeth and gums. Rolls measure approximately 9" in length and weigh between 90 - 100g.

Average Weight 90 - 100 g
Durability Medium lasting
Recommended for Medium to giant dogs and moderate chewers
Odour Minimal
Made in Brazil

*Due to the nature of the product, sizing may vary with the specified weight range. Durability may vary between dogs, but on average, these chews are medium lasting

Beef Rawhide