Dr. Elsey's Crystal Attract Litter

by Dr. Elsey's
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  • Hypo-allergenic cat litter
  • Superior Odor Control
  • Uses non-toxic silica gel with hydrolyzed herbs
  • Low tracking and low dust formula
  • Suitable for all breeds, including long-haired cats
  • Multi-cat strength 
  • Available in an 8 lb bag

Dr. Elsey's Crystal Attract Litter is formulated with a natural herbal attractant to draw cats to the litter box. The super absorbent silica gel traps urine and odour on contact, resulting in superior odour control. It is also a low-tracking, low-dust formula and unscented.

This cat litter is suitable for single and multi-cat households and all cat breeds, including long-haired cats; Crystal Attract® is low tracking and will not adhere to a cat’s long fur or colour the coat. Available in a 3.6 kg (8 lb) bag.

Silica Sand and Hydrolyzed Herbs (Does Not Contain Crystalline Silica)