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Dog Rocks FAQ

What are Dog Rocks, and how do they work?

Dog Rocks are a natural product designed to help prevent urine burn patches on lawns and other grassy areas caused by your dog's urine. These rocks are made of naturally occurring paramagnetic igneous rock, which works to remove impurities and minerals from your dog's drinking water that can cause urine burn.

How do I use Dog Rocks, and how long do they last?

To use Dog Rocks, simply place the required number of rocks (1 rock per 2.5 litres of water) in your dog's drinking water bowl. You should replace the rocks every 2 months for maximum effectiveness.

Can I use Dog Rocks with any type of dog or water source?

Yes, Dog Rocks can be used with any type of dog, regardless of size or breed. They can also be used with any water source, including tap water, bottled water, or well water.

Are Dog Rocks safe for my dog to ingest?

Yes, Dog Rocks are completely safe for your dog to ingest. The rocks are made of natural materials and are non-toxic.

How effective are Dog Rocks in preventing urine burn patches?

Dog Rocks have been shown to be effective in preventing urine burn patches on lawns and other grassy areas caused by dogs' urine. However, the effectiveness may vary depending on the dog's diet, water intake, and other factors.

Where can I purchase Dog Rocks?

Dog Rocks can be purchased at Homes Alive Pets. Shop in-store in our Alberta and BC locations or shop Canada-wide online at

About Dog Rocks

Natural Lawn Care

Dog Rocks are a paramagnetic igneous rock mined from a reputable quarry in Australia. They are the most natural way to prevent lawn burn and help your pet's natural fertilizing properties maintain a beautiful lush lawn.
Natural Filtration Dog Rocks remove impurities like tin, ammonia, and nitrates from our tap water.
The Safest Method They will not alter your pet's natural pH and are safe to use all year round.

How to use them

Rinse Before using, rinse dog rocks to remove sediment that may have accumulated in the bag. This will prevent the rocks from discolouring your dog's water or affecting the taste.
Wait Let your Dog Rocks sit in the water for 8-10 hours to remove impurities effectively. The rocks are paramagnetic in nature, meaning they will attract the minerals and impurities in the water. Letting the rocks soak overnight is best.
Refill Top up your dog's water bowl nightly to maximize the effect. This will ensure that the water is purified and ready for your pet to drink the next day. You can also use the rocks in a separate dish or water jug, and use that to refill the bowl. This is ideal for pets that try to remove the rocks from their water bowl.
Replace Dog Rocks are not only effective but require very little maintenance. When used according to instructions, one package of dock rocks will treat a 2L bowl of water for up to two months. Replace your Dog Rocks at the end of the two months.