Ware Premium+ Hutch, Large

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  • Easy to assemble rabbit hutch
  • Only need a screwdriver to assemble in minutes
  • Easy access waterproof shingle roof, that lifts open
  • Includes a Hop-Way Rabbit door
  • Slide out pan for easy cleaning
  • Sturdy Fir design for outdoors, patio or garage

The Large Ware Premium+ Hutch will give your rabbit the perfect outdoor shelter.

Made from sturdy fir wood and sealed with a water based non-toxic stain, this hutch is built to last. The Premium+ Shelter features heavy duty powder coated wire, a Rabbit Hop-Way door, a waterproof shingle roof and a slide out plastic pan. You'll have quick access to your rabbit through the lifting roof. Clean-up is simplified by using the slide out litter pan.

With an easy-assemble design, all you need is a screwdriver and your Hutch will be together in minutes.

Perfect for use as a rabbit's outdoor shelter, on a patio, or in a garage.

  • Large
  • 118 cm x 61 cm x 87.6 cm (46.5"x 24"x 34.5")