Ware Critter Universe Portable Pet Carrier

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  • For use as a portable carrier
  • Can be a treat and petting space
  • Connects and disconnects easily
  • Safe and locking to prevent escapes
  • Perfect temporary storage during cage cleaning

The Ware Critter Universe Portable Pet Carrier is both a convertible pet carrier and cage top chamber for petting.

This carrier is perfect to store your hamster, gerbil, or mouse for a short visit, or when cleaning its cage. The Portable Pet Carrier can be connected to the cage with a tube or used as a portable space to pet and play with.

The carrier includes a connecting door, locking latch, and carry handle. You can place your pet in this special area to give treats or to pet. The Critter Universe Portable Pet Carrier connects and disconnects easily and becomes a very versatile space your pet can enjoy.

Size:  17.8 cm x 14 cm x 13 cm (7"x 5.5" x 5.12")