Catit Design Play 'n Scratch Cat Toy Green

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  • Fun and stimulating play and scratch cat toy
  • Includes a scratch pad, tracking ball and spring-mounted pom-pom
  • Provides an easy and safe place for cats to scratch and exercise
  • Prevents cats from clawing furniture and fixtures
  • Includes Catnip for additional enticement
  • Reversible corrugated scratcher 
  • Replacement pads available

The Catit Design Play 'n Scratch Cat Toy Green is an all-in-one play centre for cats.

This durable platform has everything from a scratcher to chase the ball. Cat's love to be entertained and the Play 'n Scratch has it all. With a scratch pad in the middle, surrounded by a track ball and a springy pom-pom, your cat will enjoy hours of fun.

The corrugated cardboard scratchpad provides a durable surface for cats to scratch on. This gives your cat a place to stretch and claw, instead of scratching furniture and rugs. The scratchpad is very practical, includes catnip for more excitement and is reversible. Your cat will love the ball track perimeter, where he can swat the ball and send it flying around the track. And if that's not enough, he can swat at the springy pom-pom. Add catnip to the equation and you have a very excited and entertained cat.

The Catit Play 'n Scratch is a safe place for cats to exercise, scratch and have tons of stimulating fun.

  • Size: 35.5 cm x 35.5 cm x 4.45 cm (14"x 14"x 1¾")
  • Green
  • Includes Catnip
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