Catit Design Senses Replacement Grass 2-pack

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  • Includes grass seed and all material to grow your own cat grass
  • For use in Catit Design Senses Garden Kit
  • 2 pack of replacement grass
  • Aids in digestion
  • Prevents hairball build up
  • Provides grass year round

The Catit Design Senses Replacement Grass 2-pack refill for the Catit Senses Grass Garden Kit will make sure cat doesn't go without its cat grass fix.

This 2-pack includes the grass seed and vermiculite (substrate) for growing new cat grass in your Catit Senses Grass Garden Kit.

Grass is a natural source of fibre for cats, aids in digestion and helps prevent hairball buildup. The Grass Garden Kit is a safe and positive way to benefit your cat's health and is ideal for indoor cats. The kit comes with all you need to grow your own cat grass.

Cats see and hear, both sights and sounds that are beyond human perception. They sense and experience the world through their unique blend of touch, taste, and smell. Catit Design Senses products appeal to all of your cat's senses.

Catit Design Senses products can be used as individual units or can be combined with other Catit Stations to create a complete Sensory Activity Centre for your pet.

For use with Catit Design Senses Grass Garden Kit.


Barley Seeds ( 2.5%), Wheat Seeds, Pure Seed Mixture (97.5%), Inert Material (added Vermiculite) 97.5%. Germination tested: 85%

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