Catit Design Senses Drinking Fountain with Water Softening Filter

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  • Encourages cats to drink more water
  • Provides water supply that's fresh, cool, and clean
  • Decreases chances of complications in kidneys and urinary tract
  • Wall around the top keeps water from spilling out
  • Replacement filters sold separately

The Catit Senses Drinking Fountain will give your cat a continuous supply of fresh, cool water that is filtered of any impurities. The sound of running water is appealing to animals, so this fountain will encourage your cat to drink more water. When cats drink more water, they are less likely to suffer conditions related to the kidneys and urinary tract.

The filter that is included with this fountain removes debris, food, and hair along with excess minerals that can have negative impacts on the urinary tract when consumed in excess. This "hard" water is particularly common when you are filling your cat's water dish directly from the tap. There is a short wall around the top of the fountain to keep the water from spilling out onto the floor. It holds 3 L (100 fl oz.) and is safe to throw into the dishwasher whenever necessary.

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