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  1. Made in Canada
    Carna4 Hand Crafted Dog Food - Easy-Chew Goat Formula
    Carna4 Hand Crafted Dog Food - Easy-Chew Goat Formula
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About Carna4

The Synthetic-Free Difference

Carna4 aims to deliver real nutrition with only true food ingredients and absolutely minimal processing. Using superfood ingredients, their foods are 100% synthetic free, wholesome and delicious.

Pioneering Excellence

Natural Nutrition First pet food to use only natural food ingredients to exceed AAFCO nutrient standards.
Sprouted Seeds First pet food to boost bio-available nutrients, probiotics and antioxidants with sprouted seeds.
Fresh Meat One of the very few pet foods to use only fresh table-grade meat and no meat meals.
Ethical and Sustainable 100% North American sourced ingredients that are antibiotic, hormone, and GMO-free. Ingredients are both sustainably sourced and ethically farmed.

All Life Stages

Carna4 is all life stages and because of it's wholesome and natural ingredients, can be fed to pets of any age, breed or size. Combine this diet with Flora4 and these products will be the ideal fit for pets with common issues like weight, digestion, and skin + coat.

The "Un-Kibble"

Carna4 is the "un-kibble". It is oven-baked, not extruded, like most kibble. It has the format of kibble but the nutrients, taste, and digestibility of a dehydrated diet.
Baked Carna4 kibble is cooked at 90 degrees Celsius for only 4 minutes. This is enough to kill pathogens but also preserve the nutrients and enzymes in the food.
Air-Dried Kibble is then air-dried to further preserve nutrients and flavour.

Superfood Digestive Aid

Flora4 digestive aid is a concentrated supplement using the same sprouted seeds that are used in their full diets. Sprouted seeds from barley, flax, and lentils provide potent and easily digestible sources of vitamins, minerals, probiotics, digestive enzymes and essential fatty acids.