Carefresh Natural Premium Soft Pet Bedding

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  • Premium soft bedding
  • For creating a natural looking habitat
  • Safe, non-toxic and low dust for pets and families
  • Odour control that's 3x more powerful than regular bedding
  • Keeps habitat dry by absorbing 3x its weight in liquids
  • Biodegradable, compostable and earth friendly

Carefresh Natural Premium Soft Pet Bedding is a naturally coloured blend of cellulose fibers used for bedding, absorbing liquids and odour control for small animals.

Your pet will enjoy the natural colour that's easy to dig and nest with. Carefresh Natural Bedding is a safe, non-toxic and low-dust bedding, that will not run or stain the habitat. Not only will your pet have fun nesting and burrowing, he'll be stimulated physically and mentally, while building a warm place to sleep. Natural Bedding has powerful odour control and is very absorbent. Odour is contained 3 times longer than regular bedding, keeping your small animal's habitat fresh and providing more time between cage and bedding changes. This bedding can absorb 3x its weight in liquids, keeping your pets dry and comfortable. Carefresh Natural Bedding is easy to clean up, with clumps that don't fall apart, or stick to the bottom of the habitat.

This product is Earth Friendly, made from wood pulp and is both compostable and 100% biodegradable. The perfect bedding choice for your rabbit, guinea pig, hamster, reptile, rat, mouse, gerbil, ferret, chinchilla, or bird.

*Please note: These product are sold in a compressed form. These products expand to 14 litre, 30 litre, and 60 litre bags of usable material respectively.

Bag Contents

6 litres compressed Equals 14 litres usable
12.5 litres compressed Equals 30 litres usable
25.7 litres compressed Equals 60 litres usable


Directions for Use:

  • Place 1-3 inches of Carefresh Natural Bedding in your pets cage or habitat.
  • Adjust amount depending on how many pets are housed in the habitat.
  • Use along with Carefresh litter for best results.
  • Change bedding weekly or as need.
  • Remove soiled areas and damps spots between changes.
  • Replace removed areas with fresh bedding.
  • Always wash your hands after handling and maintaining soiled bedding.


  • This substrate is NOT meant to be injested and poses a potential risk of impacting pet GI tracts if significant amounts are ingested.
  • Observe your pets water and food consumptions if you suspect they may be ingesting bedding.
  • Seek immediate Veterinary care if your pet consumes large quantities of bedding.
  • This product is not intended for tortoises who like to graze.

CareFRESH Happy Habitat System

The CareFRESH habitat products work together to control odours, absorb moisture and promote natural small animal behaviours like nesting, foraging and burrowing.

  • Use litter in the bottom of habitat for an additional layer of absorbency and odour control. Use a litter pan or place in the waste area of a habitat for litter-trained pets.
  • Your pets will love nesting, digging and sleeping in the warm comfort of Carefresh bedding.
  • Enjoy the enrichment your small animals experience as they nest, exercise and forage through with the colourful habitat system materials.

Natural Coloured Cellulose made from wood pulp