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  1. Canada Pooch Chill Seeker Cooling Harness
    Canada Pooch Chill Seeker Cooling Harness
    Starting From: $47.99 Our Price: $47.99
  2. Canada Pooch The Everything Harness - Water Resistant Series
    Canada Pooch The Everything Harness - Water Resistant Series
    Starting From: $37.99 Our Price: $37.99
  3. Canada Pooch Waterproof Harness
    Canada Pooch Waterproof Harness
    Starting From: $49.99 Our Price: $49.99
  4.  Canada Pooch Complete Control Harness
    Canada Pooch Complete Control Harness
    Starting From: $69.99 Our Price: $69.99
  5. Canada Pooch The Everything Harness - Mesh Series
    Canada Pooch The Everything Harness - Mesh Series
    Starting From: $37.99 Our Price: $37.99

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About Canada Pooch

Canada Pooch Harness FAQs

What makes Canada Pooch harnesses unique?

Canada Pooch harnesses stand out for their blend of style and functionality. Designed with comfort in mind, these harnesses ensure your pet looks fashionable while staying secure during walks.

Are Canada Pooch harnesses suitable for active dogs?

Canada Pooch harnesses are crafted to provide durability and support, making them ideal for active dogs. Whether it's a leisurely stroll or a playful run, these harnesses keep your pet comfortable and in control.

Do Canada Pooch harnesses come in various sizes?

Yes, Canada Pooch harnesses are available in a range of sizes to fit different breeds and body types. From small to extra-large, you can find the perfect fit for your furry companion.

Can I use a Canada Pooch harness for training purposes?

Certainly! Many Canada Pooch harnesses, including the no-pull designs, are excellent for training. They provide added control, making them effective tools for teaching leash manners and general obedience.

Are Canada Pooch harnesses easy to clean?

Yes, most Canada Pooch harnesses are machine washable or easy to clean with a damp cloth. Care instructions are provided with each harness.

Do Canada Pooch harnesses have any special features for safety?

Yes, some Canada Pooch harnesses come with built-in handles, allowing pet parents to lift their dogs or secure them in the car. Also many have reflective elements to enhance visibility during evening walks, ensuring your pet's safety.

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Experience Unmatched Comfort: Discover Canada Pooch Harnesses

Discover the perfect blend of comfort, durability, and style in every Canada Pooch harness. These aren't just accessories; they're fashion-forward statements fused with functionality.

Whether you're seeking cooling options, everyday ease, or superior control for those enthusiastic (and strong!) pullers, Canada Pooch delivers the ultimate harness designs.

Master the Walk: Tame Pullers with Canada Pooch Harnesses!

Is your pup an enthusiastic puller? Take charge with a Canada Pooch No Pull Harness, putting you back in control of your walks. For outdoor adventures, pick the lightweight and comfy Canada Pooch Everything Harness.

With no-pull D-rings on the front and back, you'll lead with confidence, whether it's a park playdate or a hike on a rugged wilderness trail. You never have to worry about losing control of the outing.

Stay in Control: Built-In Handle for Effortless Handling!

Designed to be so light that your dog will hardly notice, while the Canada Pooch dog harness offers full control. Lift your pup effortlessly with the built-on handle or secure them in your car using the harness handle and seat belt for safe travels.

Chill Out in Style: Canada Pooch Cooling Harness

When temperatures rise, pick the Canada Pooch Cooling Harness for a refreshing cool down. The harness is specially crafted to keep your furry friend cool. Its mesh layer ensures excellent air circulation.

Simply apply water to the harness and wring it out to create an instant cooling effect, without any harmful chemicals. Choose from a vibrant array of colors and patterns to match your pet's style.

Shop Canada Pooch for Tail-Wagging Style and Comfort

Explore our complete selection of Canada Pooch Gear, where you'll find not just harnesses but a wide range of dog accessories and gear, all at Homes Alive Pets. Make every walk an adventure in style!