Canada Pooch Hot Pavement Boots

by Canada Pooch
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  • Water-friendly designed boots
  • Protects the paws from hot surfaces while keeping them cool 
  • Rubber non-slip base with drainage holes to allow water to pass through
  • Velcro strip ensures a snug and secure fit 
  • Available in six different sizes

Canada Pooch Hot Pavement Boots is a set of boots designed to keep your dog's paws protected from hot surfaces while keeping them cool during summer walks. These boots are made with mesh layers for air circulation with water retaining fabric. Giving the boots their water-friendly design and with drainage holes on the bottom of the rubber non-slip soles prevents water from collecting in their boots. The velcro straps will keep the boot secure on your dog's feet while snug. 

Hot Pavement Dog Boots are available in six sizes; please see the specifications tab for sizes. 


Size Paw Width
1 2.54 - 3.18 cm (1.0-1.25")
2 3.81 - 4.45 cm (1.5-1.75")
3 5 - 6.35 cm (2.0-2.5")
4 6.35 - 6.99 cm (2.5-2.75")
5 7.62 - 8.26 cm (3.0-3.25")
6 8.89 - 9.53 cm (3.5-3.75")

To Measure Your Dog's Paws

Place dog's front paw, standing up with full weight on a blank piece of paper. Mark from the longest toenail and come straight back down from the back of the paw to make a second marking. Measure the distance between the two markings and refer to the sizing chart below.