Canada Pooch Comeback Cap

by Canada Pooch
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  • Stylish denim cap for dogs
  • Made with 100% cotton 
  • Baseball cap brim with a unique curve shape for a snug fit
  • Adjustable chin strap with snap closures for a secure fit
  • Large ear slits to fit a variety of ears
  • Machine wash safe
  • Available in a small and medium size

Have your best friend rock denim like it was in the '80s with the Comeback Cap from Canada Pooch. This denim cap is made from 100% cotton with a soft acid wash to give it that iconic faded denim looks with a baseball cap brim, large ear slits and adjustable chin strap with snap closures to make sure the hats sit snug and comfortable during walks around the town. 

The Comeback Cap is machine wash safe and is available in small and medium size; Please see the specifications tab for more information. 

Comeback Cap Sizing Chart

Size Measurements
Small 27 - 55 cm (11-12")
Medium 33 - 38 cm  (13-15")
Large 35 - 43 cm (14-17")

Please spot clean, or machine wash cap on cold, gentle cycle, hang to dry and do not iron or use bleach.