BLUE Naturally Fresh Multi-Cat Quick-Clumping Formula

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Starting from: $10.79
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  • Solid clumping for easy clean-up
  • Low tracking and virtually no dust
  • No chemicals or toxins
  • 100% natural & biodegradable within one year
  • Available in 2.7kg / 6lb, 6.4kg / 14lb and 11.8kg / 26lb bags

BLUE Naturally Fresh Multi-Cat Quick-Clumping Formula offers superior odour control because it is made up from a blend of fibrous materials found in walnut shells. This litter is extremely absorbent and produces more solid clumps, which means each bag goes farther and less is wasted. Additionally, very little tracking and dust occur with this quick-clumping formula. It is 100% eco-friendly and is ideal for multiple-cat use.

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