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  1. Bass Brushes Oval All Wire Pet Groomer With Wood Handle
    Bass Brushes Pet Groomer Boar Brushes With Wood Handle
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  2. Bass Brushes The Hybrid Groomer - Dark Bamboo Oval Brush
    Bass Brushes The Hybrid Groomer - Dark Bamboo Oval Brush
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  3. Bass Brushes The Green Brush Detangler
    Bass Brushes The Green Brush Detangler
    Our Price: $24.99

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Bass Brushes

Bass Brushes has been creating the finest brush grooming supplies since 1979. Though originally known for their outstanding Bass beard brush and human hairbrushes, Bass Brushes also offers an exceptional line of premium pet hair brushes. Bass Brushes is proud to meet the brushing needs of everyone in the household – including pets!

Homes Alive Pets is happy to offer a full line of Bass Dog Brushes to meet all of your pet grooming needs.

No matter you preferred dog brushing technique, Bass Brushes has a brush to help you carry out daily coat grooming on your furry friend or relying on the modified Bass brushing technique with the Bass Brushes Shampoo & Conditioner Brush.

Your dog and cat rely on you for assistance with their daily grooming needs and this task can be especially difficult for long-haired breeds that need help detangling. Also, seasonal changes can make many dog breeds start to shed profusely. Daily or weekly brushing using the Bass Brushes collection will easily meet your pet’s grooming needs.

Each one of the Bass Brushes is fashioned to meet particular fur types. The Bass Brushes The Hybrid Groomer is a dual-action brush that works by detangling the pet's hair and evenly spreading out the animal’s natural oils with the natural boar bristles to bring out the fur’s lustre. Fashioned from natural and sustainable bamboo, the quality pet brush will quickly become a valuable tool in your grooming arsenal. The brush is designed for either dogs or cats and comes in two varied sizes.

The Bass Brushes Bio-Flex Pet Original Detangler is fashioned from 100% biodegradable material such as potato starches, cassava, and corn which have been formulated to create a remarkably durable handle. The design of the comb targets tangled fur. The flexible ball-tipped pins ensure a pain-free experience as you tackle the knots and mats in a cat or dog’s fur. The bristles also help to spread the pet’s natural oils to leave your furry friend’s coat gleaming.

If you are seeking a classic pet grooming tool then check out the Bass Brushes Pet Groomer Boar Brushes With Wood Handle. The brush is made from a combination of sustainable bamboo and wild boar hair. It effectively loosens dirt, grime, and dandruff from your pet’s coat while evenly distributing the animal’s natural oils. This brush is ideal for short-haired cats and dogs.

If you are seeking to add quality pet grooming brushes and combs to your toolkit, then we encourage you to take a look at our line of Bass Brushes!

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