Aquascape PRO Pond Pumps

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  • Submersible waterfall and filter pump - ideal for skimmer filter systems and pondless waterfall applications
  • Direct Drive motor - Excellent performance at high head heights
  • Solids handling and low maintenance
  • Rubber feet - reduces noise
  • Resistant to corrosion and rust
  • Quiet operation and energy efficient
  • Stainless steel construction - Long lasting performance
  • Available in 4 different sizes with flows rates from 3,000 to 10,000 GPH

Aquascape PRO Pond Pumps are a professional grade, submersible pump ideal for Skimmer Filters or for the Pondless Waterfall Vault. This solids handling pump has a 2" discharge, which lends itself to handle larger solids and debris. The Direct-Drive Motor also makes this pump highly efficient with powerful performance at high head heights. The structure is made of stainless steel for durability, but also has rubber feet for a quiet operation. There is a reason this pump is professional grade with powerful performance durability, this pump will allow you to receive your desired flow rate with ease.


Aquascape PRO Pump Flow Chart

Aquascape PRO Specifications

  Aquascape PRO 3000 Aquascape PRO 4500 Aquascape PRO 7500 Aquascape PRO 10000
Dimensions:  12" L x 6" W x 7" H 13" L x 6.5" W x 7" H 13" L x 6.5" W x 7" H 12.5" L x 9" W x 17" H
Unit weight:  16 lbs  17 lbs  22 lbs  39 lbs 
Max flow rate:  2900 GPH  4500 GPH  6700 GPH  10600 GPH 
Max head height:  20 ft  33 ft  42 ft  28 ft 
Motor type:  Direct Drive  Direct Drive  Direct Drive  Direct Drive 
Pump discharge diameter:  2" Female 2" Female 2" Female 2" Female
Voltage:  120V  120V  120V  120V 
Frequency:  60 Hz  60 Hz  60 Hz  60 Hz 
Amperage: 2.6A  5.4A  10A  11A 
Wattage:  280W  625W  1200W  1240W 
Power cord length: 20 ft  20 ft  20 ft  20 ft 
Monthly operating cost*:  $20.16 $45.00  $86.40 $89.28
Reorder number:  20002 20003  20004 20006
Warranty:  2 Year Limited  2 Year Limited 2 Year Limited 2 Year Limited
MSRP**:  $589.99 $799.99  $959.99  $1,099.99 
Instruction Manual: PRO 3000 Manual PRO 4500 Manual PRO 7500 Manual PRO 10000 Manual
*Operating cost is based on 10 cents per kilowatt hour. **Contractor discounts will be based off of MSRP.
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