Aquascape Small Pondless Waterfall Kit w/ 6' Stream

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  • #1 Professionally installed pond kit
  • All-inclusive kit to create an 8 ft. x 11 ft. pond
  • Takes guesswork out of assembling individual components
  • Perfect for DIY and professional installation

Pondless Waterfall DiagramThis Small Pondless Waterfall Kit includes everything you need to create a small waterfall and stream up to 6 feet long. Pondless waterfalls are perfect if you enjoy the sounds of a cascading waterfall, but you don't want to deal with a pond.


What makes this kit different than other pond kits is that it provides the equipment to create a rock bed at the base of your water feature. Rather than having a pool of water or a pond that your water feature runs into, there is a rock bed with a water basin below that collects and pumps the water back up to the top of your feature. This is a great solution if you enjoy waterfalls and water features, but don't want to have to deal with a pond.

Kit Includes

Liner 10' x 10' - 45-mil EPDM liner
Underlayment 10' x 10' Liner Underlayment (100 sq. ft.) 
Vault Pondless Water Vault
Weir Waterfall Spillway
Water Storage (3) AquaBlox
Pump AquaSurgePRO 2000-4000 Pump
Pipe 1.5" x 25' Flexible PVC Pipe
Installation Pump Plumbing Assembly and Installation Kit